I’m a UX/UI designer based in the Portland, Oregon area following 12 years working as the owner and primary photographer of a high end wedding photography business in San Francisco.

Problem solving is an opportunity to create. I get to learn about how people interact with technology, and influence real change to make their lives a little bit easier while positively impacting the bottom line of a business. There’s a balance between the human, craft, and technical sides that makes me feel right at home.  The quick intimacy I learned to establish with people as a photographer aids me in gaining trust, and therefore insights during research.

My personal interests are varied, and I jump into them with the same verve that I exhibit in my work life. I love tackling a new recipe (the more complicated the better), driving, restoring, and photographing classic European sports cars, and I enjoy reaching my fitness goals with the help of CrossFit and HIIT style classes.